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What are cookies and how do they work?
Cookies are small information files sent to your device (computer or mobile phone) from websites you visit. Cookies do not pose any threat to your devices. When you visit a particular website, your web browser reads a cookie and provides information, such as identifying you as a visitor to the website and tailoring the website content to your needs.

What cookies do we use on our website and what are their specifications?

The following cookies are used on our website:


Various unique variables apart from PREF that store your selections, such as zoom level.

Google places cookies on any page that uses Google Maps. We have no control over Google cookies. These cookies collect information about the behavior of Google Maps users.



A short randomly generated ID

These cookies are used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates.



Storing the cookie confirmation option



The language of the visitor is used

The cookie is used to store the visitor’s language


After logging in to the website as a user

The cookie is used to personalize the structure of the website according to the user

Why do we use these cookies?

  • convenient, efficient operation of the Website that meets your needs;
    to ensure the smooth administration of the Website;
  • To provide the functionality provided by the Website;
  • timely and proper processing of your inquiries, requests and
  • responses thereto;
  • so that we can contact you for any information you provide;
  • in order to perform statistical and other analysis by constantly improving the content of the Website and the services provided by the Company;
  • for other legitimate purposes that are disclosed to you during the submission of personal data.


Why do we process this data?

The main purpose of personal data processing in this case is to enable the Visitor to use the Website efficiently, optimally and adapting it to personal needs. We also strive to constantly improve and update the functionality and content of the Website, so your visits to it are very important to us.

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