Financing for a solar power plant

Solar Power Plant - Very attractive financing conditions

Right now is a good time to install a solar power plant in extremely favorable conditions.

It is estimated that with the support of the state and the purchase of a solar power plant with a loan, its maturity will be 5-6 years, taking into account the current electricity tariffs for household consumers.

This means that all the costs of purchasing and installing a solar power plant should be covered during this period, and then only the transmission fee and the costs of electrical maintenance would have to be covered for about 20 years, as the standard lifespan of solar modules is 25 years.


  • We invite you to take advantage of special conditions and install a solar power plant now.
  • Installation work is performed in 2-7 days.
  • By switching to renewable resources, the population will not only incur lower costs in the long run, but will also be more environmentally friendly.
  • The energy sector is responsible for most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so the transition to solar energy is a significant help to the planet.

How are instalments calculated?

The installments are calculated on the assumption that the loan is taken out in 36 months. period.

Borrowing 4,000 Eur. for a contract period of 36 months at an annual fixed interest rate of 6.9%. upon payment of the contract administration fee of EUR 60, monthly installments of EUR 123.33, the total annual rate of the consumer credit price would be 8.22%, and the total amount paid by the consumer credit recipient would be EUR 4,439.88.

By using financing services, you assume financial obligations. Carefully evaluate your financial capabilities before deciding on a loan and its size.

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