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We are pleased to offer the opportunity for companies to become our partners.

Energobalt specialises in the distribution of high-end equipment manufactured by global industry leaders. Therefore, our wide range of products meets the requirements of solar parks, solar power plants, wind farms and other specialised projects. We offer a broad selection of high-quality equipment and related components, from solar modules, inverters, and heat pumps to air conditioners, gas boilers and wind turbines.

One of our partnership opportunities is to retail or redistribute our products to interested companies in your territory.

Another option is the continual application of our products in projects on a regular basis. Consistently placing orders brings better supply conditions, thus supporting our overall growth.

To be successful in these functions, we expect you to have a passion for renewable energy, a good understanding of the market dynamics in the region in which you operate, and a systematic evaluation of your work approaches and results.

We assure you that we are committed to providing the maximum support and assistance to ensure the continued success of your business. As a partner, you will have the opportunity to benefit from our support to expand your existing business or to move into a new perspective business area by setting up a separate company in your region in this business sector.

Delivering the highest quality products and services is the foundation of our business. We are confident that you will find it profitable and rewarding to work with us. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or suggestions by email or by completing the enquiry form below. Together we can achieve significant results beyond our individuals capabilities.

Participation in your projects

Our services go beyond the wholesale supply of equipment. We offer cooperation in ongoing projects, by funding or supplying equipment. If there is a need for short-term funding for ongoing projects, we offer to become your financial partner in order to complete the project successfully and on time. This is one of the forms of cooperation, please take a look at the cooperation options below. We are open to your proposals, please contact us by email or fill in the enquiry form below.


Other ways of cooperation:
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