In Lithuania, household electricity consumers are already starting to feel the price of the increased electricity market

In Lithuania, household electricity consumers are already starting to feel the price of the increased electricity market. With the rise in the price of natural gas and other raw materials, there is an increasing focus on the ability of households to generate electricity from renewable energy sources themselves, choosing green energy.


Despite the energy crisis and rising energy costs, including electricity, solar power is becoming more in demand every year. Solar module prices have dropped about 10fold in the last decade, and efficiency has almost doubled. The conditions for the installation of solar power plants are also becoming more flexible. A one-time investment in this system will pay off in the coming years. It is estimated that the solar power plant will pay for itself in 10 years, and if it is obtained with the help of state support, then it will pay off even faster – in 6-7 years. For the remaining 20-30 years, electricity is available free of charge.

With rising electricity prices, alternatives are increasingly being sought in the ‘green zone’.

According to Mindaugas Majauskas, the head of UAB Energobalt, current market conditions and increased costs for electricity consumers are the most useful time to install our own solar power plants with the support of the EU. According to M. Majauskas, electricity generated by the sun is used not only by people living in individual houses, but also in apartment buildings. More and more people are choosing a combined heating system, an electric boiler and a solar power plant, which brings huge benefits. It is estimated that such a solution could save up to € 800 per household per year. In Lithuania, with the ever-tightening energy efficiency requirements for homes, we are faced with questions about which heating and ventilation solutions to choose. When building a new home for your dream, you should contact professionals in advance. It is necessary to anticipate which heating system, ventilation system, hot water preparation system will be the most efficient in their home and will meet the energy efficiency class.

Among other things, the solar power plant creates additional value for the property: a house with a solar power plant can be sold not only more expensive, but also faster – says Saulius Strazdas, sales manager of the real estate development company LINI Namai. Solar power plants are not only an economical choice but also environmentally friendly. Choosing to use your own electricity not only saves significant electricity bills, but also contributes to mitigating climate change.

the price of the increased electricity market

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