Solar modules

Solar modules are an efficient way to use the free energy emitted by the sun to support your home or business. Did you know that on average, the sun emits 1000 kWh of energy per square meter in Central Europe every year? In terms of energy content, this equates to 100 liters of diesel. In the past, this energy was simply lost, but now more and more households and businesses are using this natural resource to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. PV solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity for your lighting and appliances. PV modules can also be combined with power accumulators to ensure greater network independence. Cells do not need direct sunlight to function, they generate energy even on cloudy days.

Efficient Use of Solar Energy

As self-generated electricity is more economically viable than electricity from distribution networks, such energy consumption provides financial benefits. The optimal equipment concept, combined with perfectly matched elements, ensures efficient self-consumption of energy.

[1] Photovoltaic installation
[2] Photovoltaic converter
[3] Photovoltaic meter
[4] Consumer
[5] Heat pump gauge
[6] Vitotronic heat pump (type WO1C)
[7] Output and input counter
[8] Electricity distribution networks

Vitovolt 300 - High Quality Photovoltaic Module

The Vitovolt 300 modules feature a black anodized frame and ultra-dark monocrystalline elements. The result: unusual design and great performance. By installing the panels on the same level as the roof, an exclusive solar architecture is created.

These modules can be installed on the roofs of single or multi-family homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Benefits of the Vitovolt 300

  • High quality
  • Exclusive design
  • Power up to 410 Wp
  • Module efficiency up to 20.2%
  • Intended use – residential buildings, commercial, industrial premises, community buildings For new construction buildings and renovated buildings.
  • Other features – snow-resistant, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame guarantees resistance to mechanical stress
  • Investment security: an extended warranty of at least 80% for the Viessmann product up to 12 years and up to 25 years.


saules jegaines
saules jegaines

VIESSMANN solar modules have a 12-year warranty
At least 80% power efficiency guarantee after 25 years
10-year warranty for the inverters
10-year warranty for mounting structures

saules jegaines
saules jegaines

For solar modules VIESSMANN -
12 year warranty

At least 80% power efficiency guarantee after 25 years

For inverters -
10 year warranty

For mounting structures -
10 year warranty

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