The importance of green energy for the future

Green energy is important for the future because it helps to reduce air pollution and the effects of climate change. It helps securing energy security and avoiding conflicts over natural resources, protects against fluctuations of fossil fuel prices.

Recently, green energy has already begun to overtake conventional. Therefore, it is expected that the transition from the traditional (non-renewable) sources of energy to renewable energy will reduce the risk of climate change. Understanding this, the European Union has set itself the challenge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20 percent before 2020, as compared to 1990. At the same time, the aim is to serve 20 percent of community energy needs by renewable sources of energy. Lithuania also has its own goal – it expects to produce 23 percent of energy from renewable energy sources by 2020. These measures aim to make Europe the greenest continent in the world.

Contribute to the achievement of the goals set for Lithuania and the European Union. Start taking care of ecology, use renewable energy.

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