Wind power plants

There are extremely favourable conditions for developing wind energy in our region. By invoking the leading-edge technologies, wind power plants can be built throughout Lithuania.

We evaluate and design the possibilities of developers to construct and develop wind parks.

We carry out assessment

We conduct a detailed feasibility study and assess whether wind power plants may be constructed on the selected land parcel. We offer suggestions on where a wind power plant may be built.

We offer design solutions

We perform various design works for wind power plants and land parcels. We provide a technical design and take care of issuing the construction permit.

Project management

We carry out project management: from the project's inception to its commissioning and start-up, all handled by us.

We provide services

Forget about any worries, as all servicing and maintenance of wind power plants are carried out by the wind park builder or its authorised representative.

Benefits of a wind power plant

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Wind energy reduces air pollution and slows climate change. Besides, it helps ensure energy security and reduce fossil fuel imports.

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You can use the electricity purchased from the wind park for your property: house, apartment, office, or commercial premises. At the same time, you won't have to worry about the smooth operation of the power plant, as everything will be taken care of by the builders or developers of the wind park.

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Wind energy sources are inexhaustible. By expanding and developing the wind energy sector, new job opportunities are created, regional development and innovation are promoted.

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How does wind speed affect a wind energy production?

The wind power plant starts operating when the wind reaches an average speed of 3.5 m/s.

The ideal wind speed for power generation is 12-13 m/s. However, even with lower wind, i.e., about 10 m/s, wind energy production also takes place.

In extreme conditions, when the wind speed reaches about 25 m/s or more, operation of the wind power plant is temporarily suspended for safety reasons.

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