Solar parks

Solar parks for home and business
The electricity purchased from the solar park may be used on your properties. You will not need to install modules on the roof of the house or on a land parcel, and concern about the smooth operation of the power plant, because the developers of the solar park will keep an eye on everything.

We conduct assessment

We carry out a detailed feasibility study and assess whether a solar park can be built on the selected land parcel. We provide suggestions on where the solar park could be built.

We design

We perform multiple design works of designing solar parks and land parcels. We present the technical project and take care of obtaining the construction permit.

We construct

We carry out all construction work for solar parks. We equip the construction site and take care of electrical installation and mounting.

We provide service

You will have no worries as all the servicing and maintenance of the solar parks are conducted by the builder of the solar parks or its authorized representative.

Solar parks are worth choosing

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Even if you reside in a block of flats, you can have your own solar power plant in a solar park and enjoy a lower electricity price. If you have more than one apartment, you can spread the green energy generated across all the properties you own.

If you decide to move, the amount of electricity produced by the solar park of your solar unit will be supplied to your new home.

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If you think that the roof of your house is unsuitable for a solar power plant due to its shape or direction, the solution is to purchase a share of the solar park.

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If you produce more electricity than you consume, you will be able to sell it.

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Solar parks and their benefits

Electricity produced in a solar park

The solar park produces electricity, the two-way metering device installed by ESO records the actual production of the solar park.

Produced electricity is transferred to ESO grid

ESO distributes the entire amount of electricity produced proportionally to the owners of shares of the solar park.

Produced energy is used for your needs

You use the accumulated amount of electricity as needed for a selected storage fee. If you fail to use up all the energy produced, you receive refund for the unused electricity at the end of the accounting period.

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